What is Smootch?

Smootch is a plant-based sports drink with electrolytes and immune support made from regenerative oats

Oats? Is it oat milk?

No! It's a delicious drink similar in consistency to coconut waters, juices, or sports drinks! It's totally unique and very sustainable.

Tell Me More...

Smootch is formulated to hydrate and replenish with the highest quality ingredients. It has less sugar and more nutrients, with whole grains and gut-friendly prebiotic fiber. And, its better for the planet!

It's refreshing, satisfying, and tastes great!

... did you say clean energy?

Longer-lasting, low glycemic, made-from-organic-whole-grain type of energy.

Not a caffeinated or artificially infused energy drink.

When or why would I drink it?

Before, during, or after activity. 

When you want to stave off hunger.

When you're thirsty and want something delicious. (That's also good for you!)

Why do I want this over other options out there?

It tastes great and is better for you!

Smootch is delicious, gut-friendly and sweetened organically! (No bad-for-you stuff here.)

It's also made with regenerative ingredients. We are proud to partner with responsible farmers. Check them out here.

What's regenerative... does it matter?

We think so... It's a farming practice that rebuilds soil organic matter and can help reverse climate change. It saves water, increases biodiversity, and more.

Did we mention it can reverse climate change? Oh, yeah, we did. It's that important!

Smootch is part of a growing, seismic shift in how we can offer consumers better, tasty options AND source ingredients responsibly.

We hope more will join us and be part of this meaningful change!

Return Policy?

Taste is subjective and we get that we may not be for everyone. And if you find you really don’t enjoy your Smootch, email matt@drinksmootch.com within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund of up to one (1) 8-pack case.

That said, a few things we’d recommend before deciding outright that you don’t enjoy Smootch:

Refrigerate your Smootch for at least 4 hours or pour it over ice before enjoying. Smootch is best enjoyed chilled. And please make sure you shake before opening! A few strong shakes is sufficient disperse the oats evenly throughout the drink. 

Did you try all of our flavors? We recommend ordering a variety pack to start so you can figure out which flavors work best for you.


For legal purposes:

If you are dissatisfied with your product and/or something is damaged or missing from your shipment, please contact us at matt@drinksmootch.com and we may, in our sole discretion, issue a credit and/or refund to your account or replace the damaged or missing product. If applicable, the refund process will be initiated within 5 business days. Unless otherwise provided by law or by a particular offer from us, all purchases are final and non-refundable.